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Facing Age in Employment Market

Getting older is something that will happen to everyone if they are lucky. Yet age can cause difficulties in the job market.

Employers looking to avoid this bias can design hiring processes that eliminate age related information. The simplest way to do this is to make sure recruiters delete birthdays before passing on CV’s. This pays off because as everyone knows, with age comes experience. Also, older candidates can be more focused on their professional lives than younger hires who are still sorting out their personal lives.

Candidates can also help by excluding their date of birth in applications, although experience tends to speak for itself. Use that experience to figure out what an employer is really looking for and offer proven solutions.

Even with proactive action, age is a difficult form of discrimination to tackle. To get involved with the conversation attend the panel discussion “For a better mix of generations in workplace”.

If you would like to learn more please visit: www.chronicle.lu/categoriesworkingconferences/item/10822-event-announced-to-discuss-a-better-mix-of-generations-in-the-workplace