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Some are fast, some try to be faster, we are Falkerin™. The name of our company has been inspired by Peregrine Falcon (FALKonpEregRINe) mainly for its skills such as precision and velocity. Speed characterized by the highest recorded hunt-dive reaching 389 km/h making Peregrine Falcon the fastest member of the animal kingdom.

Falkerin™ Recruitment is a Luxembourg based Advisory Firm. We have established our company not to be just another recruitment agency. Our company has been created to set the standards of customer service in Luxembourg and across Europe. The already mentioned speed is very important in recruitment but to provide Quality Recruitment Advice being faster than the rest is not enough.

As most organizations we could present you with a long Vision & Mission statement and bore you before you have a chance finish reading it. Instead we would like to tell you who we are, how we work and what are the Falkerin™ Values.


We use our experience and competences to introduce Falkerin™ Concept & Methodology to offer successful recruitment services based on Partnership – Tailored Approach – Solution. Our business partners vary in size. We recognize that the expectations of each organization could be different thus we adjust our approach to meet our clients’ needs.

Falkerin™ Recruitment specializes in Legal & Compliance, Accountancy & Finance as well as Banking and Operational Services Recruitment. We are also often mandated to assist in recruiting for Business Support roles such as HR, Personal Assistant, Receptionist or Administrative Officer positions. We work with leading financial institutions in Luxembourg. Our client portfolio includes major Service Providers, Commercial Companies, leading Fiduciaries, Law Firms, Real Estate Investment Organizations and global Private Equity Houses. 


We understand that human capital is the most valuable element of every company and integrity is the foundation of every successful team regardless of the size of the organization or the sector company operates in. Falkerin™ Recruitment is determined to create work environment allowing our employees to have the right support and appropriate professional tools to be the most successful recruitment advisers in the market. Most importantly we encourage our employees to stay truthful to themselves and not lose their individual identity.

There are people who believe that numbers are the only and the most important factors in running successful business. Actually “believe” is the only metric that matters and numbers is just an algorithm of passion and values.

Trust, Honesty and Loyalty are the key elements of our services. There are companies that frame corporate slogans and put them on the wall nothing else but to make their office look pretty. We do not. We live and operate by our values. We are successful, we like what we do and we believe in our work.

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