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How to pack for a “Short Business Trip”

Many of us know how to pack when going for a business trip but is it really that easy? Do we always know what to take wth us? How many times we overpacked and did not use half of the things taken?

When it comes to packing, male approach is often quite simple. Most of the time we gather things randomly and put them in the suitcase hoping it will zip up. The alternative and the best option is to turn to your better half asking for advice. Unfortunately, we do not always have this luxury.

What about women? Well, it is not recommended to advise any businesswoman or any woman “per se” on how to pack as it has not been confirmed if it is possible for a traveling woman to have one luggage. So, before getting into more trouble with additional statements please note that the below video focuses on what approach a businessman should take to assure that nothing is left behind when preparing for a 2-3 days trip.

We hope you will find the content of the following video useful and informative. Here is T.M. Lewin advice on “How to Pack for a Short Business Trip”. 

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